Feel like a buterfly
Fell like a flying buterfly near a genius artist picture
The maze of mirrors
A challenge for both old and young
Resizing room
Have you seen a movie about Alice in the Kingdom of Mirrors? Remember when it got this big, was it small?
Upside down room
Take a walk on the ceiling!

Illusion Rooms – for those who believe in magic!

Do you love magic and believe that the world is full of incredible things? Our Illusion Rooms will just confirm this! It is a place where both your eyes and your mind will play tricks on you! Are you ready to challenge the limits of logical thinking? Visitors will be amazed both by the intelligent design and versatility of our Illusion Rooms which are established in Vilnius and Druskininkai. The Illusion Rooms will encourage you to search for an exit in our Labyrinth of Mirrors, your mind will be spinning in the Devil’s Tunnel, and our Anti-Gravity Room will take you to a parallel reality! Or perhaps you would like to feel very tall or very small? There is no need to stand under the rain hoping to grow, because our Size Room will help you transform into a real giant. Each step in the Illusion Room is full of magic and wonders, therefore make sure to capture these moments both with your eyes, as well as with your camera. And if you have been dreaming of becoming a spider all of your life, so you would be able to walk on the ceiling, then get ready to fulfil this dream in our Upside-Down Room located in Vilnius. The Illusion Rooms are designed for those who want to experience new things, who believe in magic and are ready for a challenge!

An Illusion Room is an excellent choice if:

  • You are looking for a non-traditional place for celebrating birthdays.
  • You want to experience new things that would make you happy.
  • You are looking for ideas on how to surprise your grandmother who is sure that she has already seen everything in life.
  • You are looking for a place to spend a fun afternoon with your friends.
  • You want to show your science-loving friend that gravity is just a myth!
  • You never get tired of looking at yourself in the mirror, and you crave to see event more images of yourself all at once.
  • You feel that you have magical powers and want to test them out…

Illusion Rooms are for everyone! No matter how old you are and what you do in life – everyone should spend an afternoon in our Illusion Rooms. See you soon!

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