Magical birthday

Want to arrange a special birthday for your little wizard that would surprise him and all his friends? Our Magical Birthdays are unique, impressive and fun events! This wonderful attraction allows to watch the performance of the wizard, to talk to him and even learn a several tricks! Of course, the secrets of a wizard must be strictly protected, so if they are revealed to you… you must never share them with anyone!

The performance of the prominent illusionist Arvydas Stonys will astonish both – kids and adults. Arvydas Stonys has been organizing his shows all over the world for over 30 years, he is also the president of the Lithuanian Illusionists Club for many years.

This impressive and magical birthday could be the perfect gift for your little family member! After all, the magic show will take place within our illusion rooms… What could be more mysterious?

During the Magical Birthday, children will be able to see the performance of Merlin the Wizard – a true master of illusion, or the performance of a medieval Count which will captivate your children with the incredible subtleties of magic and unbelievable tricks!

Make your child’s birthday magic and we will give you a special discount.

Magical birthday: 200 €
Magical birthday on weekdays:  170 €

The price includes:

The show is performed in Lithuanian, Russian and English languages, there can be up to 20 people in one birthday party (7 € must be paid for each additional person).

Confirmation of the event order is required to pay an advance of 50 €. Birthday cancellation notice of less than 5 days, the advance is non-refundable.

Additional services:

In order to provide safe and pleasant experience in our museum, person looking after the kids is allowed to enter all rooms free of charge.

The hall can be rented up to 8 PM.

*We ask you to register in advance:

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