The Legend of the Vilnius


In the ancient times, the Grand Duke of Lithuania Gediminas went hunting in the forests of the Sventarags Valley, ten miles from what was back then the capital of Lithuania – Trakai. The hunt was a huge success – the Grand Duke of Lithuania Gediminas killed a Huge Bull called the Tour, a mighty and ferocious beast, the thunderstorm of the Lithuanian forests. Now this place is called Mount Tauras.

Exhausted frim a long, but successful hunt, the Grand Duke stayed there overnight. It was way too late to return to Trakai. As soon as the ruler closed his eyes, he had an extraordianry dream. Gediminas dreamt that on the mountain top where he shot the Huge Bull Tour, proudly howled a huge iron wolf almost as if it had a hundred wolves inside of it. The prince grabbed his bow, aimed and began shooting arrows at the fearful beast. However, the arrows bounced off the creature without causing it any harm. It turned out this fierce wolf was dressed in iron armor.

The prince woke up from the shine lights of the rising sun and recaptured his dream to wiseacre Lizdeyka (he was found in an eagle’s nest and became the high priest of Prince Gediminas, the chief priest of the pagans): “I had a strange dream”. And prince told everything that had appeared to him in his dream. Lizdeyka then replied “The Grand Duke, the iron wolf symbolised the capital standing on this mountain, and a howl meant that rumors about it will spread throughout the world.” Grand Duke Gediminas then immediately sent people and founded a castle in Shventaragi. The construction of the future capital began on a low hill, and the second – on a large hill, and Vilnius originated from the Vilniele River.

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